Thursday, August 30, 2012

Big Island!!

It's been a while since I've been on here, still busy with work, school , family... ANDDD a new addition to the family!! Very excited! The wifey is about 6 weeks pregnant and I pray for a healthy pregnancy.  We've been trying for about four years and no luck, suddenly now purchasing our new home we get lucky!  I love how God have laid out our life plan at precise moments!

As for our new home, a lot has been done.  The Santa Cecilia granite compliments the cherry cabinets.  I can't wait until the hardwood floors are in.  Floors should be installed by the end of this week.

Electricity and gas are connected and the deck will be installed soon.

There were a couple problems found, below is an image of how our big side window is supposed to look.
The framers/siding guys forgot to put the 1x strip connecting the arch window to the square window below so now it looks like we have two separate windows instead of on whole window.

Our PM told us that they will fix the problem but it sounds like this job will be a little extensive.  The next problem we had was the amount of scratches on our cherry cabinets in the kitchen, our PM will replace a couple cabinet doors and will have his cabinet specialist match the paint on the cabinets and touch up the scratches.

Have anyone had a problem with scratches on your new cabinets and was it resloved the same way??

Other than that our home is beautiful and pretty much almost done!



    It seems like it was just yesterday that they started your build!

    When is your settlement and baby due date? So precious to have both at this time!

    1. Thank you!! Ryan does build very fast, and yes it does seem like yesterday when they started lol!

      Settlement is around the corner, 9/21. Ryan originally had my date set for the 17th of Sept but I guess for whatever reason, scheduling conflicts, vacation, etc, they pushed it to the 21st.

      As for the new addition, the doctor gave us a date of April 15th- Spring baby!