Saturday, August 11, 2012


 Loving the Old Marlborough Brick front!!! For the Zachary/Zachary  Place owners, I believe this floorplan interior/exterior is one of the best that Ryan has developed! 
 Workin' on a Saturday?! Got to give it to these guys!!
 I had chosen dark brown shutters, but I am so debating that I should have gotten black shutters.. Oh well, I can always paint them black!  Let's see how it looks..

 Again, the Big window on the side of the house! I love it!!
 Wifey chillaxin in the master bedroom under the tray ceiling! I can actually step outside of those windows and sit on the bottom roof to enjoy the feeling of my own home.. Can't wait!
 Beautiful pt II...
 Beautiful pt III...
Beau... .. Oh you know what I am going to say next!! LOL!


  1. Looking good! You are going to love your new home. There's more than enough space in the Place:-)

  2. Wow! You all are making some serious progress! I love the brick color and brown shutters are going to look awesome!! The window is striking--nice touch to the Zachary!!

  3. Thanks for the replies! Drywall will go up this week as well as siding! Moving very quickly!!